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A foggy night by m-eralp
by m-eralp

The image here is breathtakingly wonderful. It is the visual depiction of coming to a point in life where you're unsure of what will oc...

Untitled-14 by aditya777

This work stands out, though houses slight simularities. Definitely seeming to hold in relation towards the last water work of a woman ...

Alchemist by inSOLense

This image, honestly and truthfully, is phenomenal. It shows you the alchemist whom either became tired with turning lead into gold, or...

Suffocate by aditya777

This piece is strikingly beautiful and settlingly depressed. This work showcases such a strong pull for the complex mixture between wan...



I sit here, cheek clenched between teeth
Knowing well, and fully such, that I can barely communicate with you
No, it's not that I still currently lack the formidable ability to construct words
Neither is my memory as gaping with as many holes as soap opera plots
It's merely the factor that contacting you results in drooped expressions & exasperated eye rolls
I know that is the case, even with as many years as my numerological basis
You've no knowing of how taxing it feels to know what I feel with no chance to heal
Emotionally and conscious ego-wise, I've lost more than most would deem enough to cast off any chance of recovery
Yet, here I am, drafting together words, again
Hoping to formulate the structure that could make a clock's tick & Earth's rotation motion in the manner that would pull me out from this deserted dwelling
I mean in the movements deemed reversive
Though, I find myself deeper and so tragically much more dastardly residing in the space that I've visited multiple times prior
I'm here without curse out and excluding the rupturing tear
Still, I know greater than adequately that I can forge a tear from my eye's duct
Yet, that, exactly, would prove what?
Funny, I typed that whilst my eyes pooling up
I'm tired and tired of being tired
I'd love to just have a chance to let out a dually odd high-pitched bass-based yell
And, I've come this far with this when I formerly would've tapped out, donned my hood whilst blaring my music in my ears
Even the factor of melody tunes is something that unnerves me
Knowing that I factually hear my words coming from the mouths of others and them being praised for saying it
All due to the fact that I wanted to show myself the chance to understand that I casually discarded & held-back my own chances
No, please, don't get it all misconstrued
I'm not stating that I am great neither do I proclaim myself to be anything iconic
I'm just a man: good, bad and all in-between
I direly miss my true friends and the people that I love
I caused the pain that I've gone through and still feel the stings of
I'm my own worst enemy and I would love to bow my head where your neck connects to your shoulder and let comfort take over
I'd adore to have success not just with me, but displaying it's presence on the behalves of those whom I care about and myself
Yes, this poem lacks the tact of rhyming verbiage
Though, it's not a speech, just a confession that I hope can teach
Well, rather inform on the fact that oh-so seriously I'm nearly completely back, if not there and progressing, already
With every motion that I do and pause through, I can't help but to think of you
The various you's whom I bestow these pleas to
The you whom I ignorantly held frustration towards and couldn't muster up enough maturity to let it go and move fro'
The you whom I foolishly stalled on being a good example and assister towards, helping you much better through all of our troubled times
The you whom I wished to be a provider towards and only ended up unintentionally providing some of the worst hurt
The you whom I wanted to stand next to while working for & with to show ourselves and the world that we could be the premier in our positions
Each of you different people, yet I'm speaking to you all as if you're a single person
Towards you I give an honest and overly heartfelt apology for my blunders and my lack of being whom I was supposed to be
I do not just state that, but I try to move in the correct accord to remedy, at least, a portion of what I've costed you
As true as any word that my being has stated, I tell you that I am sorry
You make me be better because you make me be realer and truer than I assumed I could be
So, with the cheek being tender meat, I feel the trickle of a crimson streak
And, before I could drown the tongue with the thinly thickened release, I'll have that cease
With hope that you know the stern honesty of me and my apology
Checked Truth Through Cheek
A free-verse creation towards people whom regardless of what I do or how far I'm able to make goals become accomplished, I'll still feel in debt to them. Not stated in the aims of attempting a "payment" method, just being honest and real regarding things. I don't use this view as pressure. Rather, I use it as motivation towards properly attempting serious repayment towards them. If that's not what your mind's "screen" forges when reading these words, then don't feel that you're doing something wrong. I'm the provider of the words, so the fault would fall on my behalf over everything else. If you enjoyed it &/or can relate with it, then I thank you for spending a few of your moments in reading this. Take it or leave it, I still give you thanks for offering an attempt at seeing if it dwells in your standing to taking it. As always, comments & critique are certainly welcomed.
While standing here, staring into the eyes of my reflection
I notice the flaws, yet pause the thought of you not finding glee
So filled with hope that truth has likely steered with misdirection
Though, I'd be stumped by belief of you not wanting me

No, I do not state that in the aim of projecting overconfidence
I mention it in the vein of us being a we
Because future views beholds all of the things I want to see
And, it ringingly dawns on me like a microwaveable instance

Even in that same approach, sometimes I snack often
Yet, true to test, I can confess that only upon what you'll deliver I'll feast
Not destructively, which would induce heavily-laid caution
Just to fuel me enough to slay any stalking beast

I state how I either I'm the greatest or the worst
Yet, I fall somewhere between the two with what I make
My creative aim with you is to never transfer to fake
Because to do that would be requesting a ride from a hearse

Neither of us are, in the general sense, near to steer for perfect
But, when I see you, with your fluffy cheeks, that's where I wish to drive
Formerly, I never fully did what was right to truly earn it
Even though, honestly, you're primarily why I've pulled me up to be alive

I apologize for letting my fears formerly make me be distant
Even stronger, I apologize for becoming internally lost
Though I'd never again would garner from you the labeling of gifted
I'd still live to try the chance to pay that cost

My thoughts and emotions consistently are haunting me
Instead of viewing it dauntingly, I'm thankful for the connection
Humbly, I ask if I've learned all from this, here, lesson
With prayerful hope that I've acquired the chance of opportunity
Reality's Reflection
A small creation concocted out of self-viewing and still wishing. For what is life if wishes have faded?
I haven't done this in a minute, so I'll post it here. Maybe someone will read and/or give a glimpse of a damn about this. Or, maybe not. All is fair.

How To Destroy Angels
Welcome Oblivion

1. The Wake-Up
2. Keep It Together
3. The Sky Began To Scream
4. Welcome Oblivion
5. Ice Age
6. On The Wing
7. Too Late, All Gone
8. How Long?
9. Strings And Reactors
10. We Fade Away
11. Recursive Self-Improvement
12. The Loop Closes
13. Hallowed Ground

Trent Reznor, Mariqueen Maandig[Reznor], Atticus Ross & Rob Sheridan(Art Director for HTDA & NIN) creates newfound area for American artists. No, that's not completely true. Sorry. They nearly perfect ground that Americans were largely formerly scared to travel down. With Welcome Oblivion, they go into a field that was formerly conquered by Europeans. Yes, I am aware of the few grand Asian artists whom dabbled profoundly in the musical domain of electronic music. But, this group(named after a single from Coil) really shows that Americans do possess the goods to pull the world's ear for electronic music in this direction. What is truly beautiful is that Mr. & Mrs. Reznor shares duties on singing here. Well, on one track, "On The Wing," their voices are remarkably blended together with the addition of electronic effects to allow them to sound like A robotic/android voice. The letter A is capitalized due to them being able to allow listeners to believe that it is just one single voice with manipulation effects added in. Genius work which I am equally a fan of & inspired by such a feat/technique. For those of you whom loved the instrumental pieces on the Fragile album by Nine Inch Nails, you will find comfort with the song "Hallowed Ground." It is composed of structuring and mood similar to the instrumental pieces found there, while possessing the mechanical sounds featured upon Year Zero. As well as houses Mariqueen's non-lyrical singing to lightly accompany the work. Her voice is added in so properly that it can be believed to be nothing more than an additional electronic instrument. In no way is such an insult. Trust and believe that. "Recursive Self-Improvement" might originally sound like a digital b-side off of Year Zero, as well. But, the structuring and formation of the soundscapes shows that it travels far deeper into the electronic field than Trent was in the mindframe of at the time of YZ's creation. It goes dynamically into territory that most notable electronic artists would smirk at with pride. The whispering by Ms. Maandig takes many a listeners several tries to fully own knowledge to what she says. Great replay value factor. "We Fade Away" is an actual track that has you feeling like you are trapped in a chamber upon a spaceship and, in said chamber, everything evaporates. Including you. But... you are artistically enjoying the fading procedure. "Strings And Attractors" places Mariqueen behind sparks, sizzles, lasers and metallic claps. Again, you aren't always sure what she says, save for: All these little strings keep holding us together/ All these precious things can make it last forever.  And, if you have ever seriously loved someone, you know that she states absolute truth with that. On "Too Late, All Gone," you are treated to more honesty with: "The more we change/ Everything stays the same." Such is said by Trent with Mariqueen. On the second verse, you are treated to more vocal soundwork from Mr. Reznor in the background. And, in some cases, he even yells out like he's trapped behind a wall. Sounds a little like that, too. The music plays like it is the theme for a racing to your heart portion of a film. It has your heart pulling for the one whom you want to change for and remain the same with. Or, maybe a slight opposite of that last sentence: pulling for the one you want to change WITH and remain the same FOR. "Welcome Oblivion" is damn near the song you wished would play either during your life's closing scene or whilst your credits rolled up on fate's screen. It isn't overly dragging out nor throat cutting short. It possesses that perfect "Ok, we're good"-length of time. No, the last quotation marks aren't for a song, but for a feeling. "And The Sky Began To Scream" coyly allows for Mrs. Reznor to damn-near sing a lullaby with her soothing voice. Mr. Reznor comes in with the repeating line: "I want/ Tear it down/ And build another one." Whilst he does that, the roaring ability of the song begins to grow. It sounds like the group is literally following his command. And, instead of cooing it away, the tear at it... brick by brick. As it is musical destruction, you feel yourself tearing apart and eager to build back up something greater than what was originally there. I know that there are those whom are bothered that I did not "properly" mention the instruments, here. Such is too far of a taxing task to try and muster up the balls to assume you know the instruuments that they WERE actually playing and not digitally imitating. As well as which were partially or fully electronically distorted after being played. On here, guitars are not easily pointed out. Even the drums mix together live and soundscaped digital drums. Brilliance they have managed to create, here. Unmistakably, if/when I create a major motion picture, I would wish for them to do the soundtrack and the score for the film. They own that right with me. No question involved, there. How To Destroy Angels have, in my book, taken down a large number of angels in the electronic music field. If this is the full stage one, I'll need a pacifier for stage two(which I pray will come). Oblivion has been Welcomed in. Such is official.
  • Listening to: How To Destroy Angels /l\ Welcome Oblivion
  • Reading: Life: The Tale I Tell With It
  • Watching: Days go by... Still...
  • Playing: With thoughts to make them better than before
  • Eating: The inside cheek... Not my words
  • Drinking: Life's boundless "juice"... WATER!


United States
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Favourite genre of music: Anything that's actually GOOD and creative
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Skin of choice: The one that covers what's underneath
Favourite cartoon character: Fern The Ferret, Depressed Fuzzy & Bugs Bunny(old school Bugs)
Personal Quote: Life is what you make it, unless it makes you

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